Should You Invest in Ford F 2020: Feedback From common Investment Info Sources

Feedback By The Motley Fool (source)


  • “Strong Balance Sheet”
  • New Products: Ranger Pick-Up, Bronco, and F-150
  • Adjusting operation in China for growth
  • Investments in Tech for Future Products


  • Risk of Recession
  • New COO and Management Risks

Feedback by Investor Place (source)


  • Shares are cheap right now
  • The push of Electric Vehicles (Mustang Mach-E in 2020 and a new series 2021-2022)
  • Industry will dip in 2020 then rise in 2021
  • Ford is the largest automaker, meaning Ford should increase with the forecast of a rise in 2021
  • Low enough of a baseline for a profitable rise

Feedback by U.S. News (source)


  • History of pleasant returns
  • 284,000 Robinhood accounts holding Ford F stocks, versus 152,000 for Tesla


  • 34% drop in stock value in 2018
  • Shares halved since 2014
  • 8% below 200 day moving average
  • U.S. auto sales were down through 2019
  • Behind it’s competitor Tesla in innovations

Feedback From Jabai Industries

  • Shares are at an all-time low, selling at $5.40
  • Drop of approx. 40% in the past year alone, allowing a MINIMUM of doubling your profit IF the company bounces back. Potentially double or triple your investment if new products and operations conquer market in late 2020 and 2021.

In my personal opinion, the investment in Ford is 50/50. It is something that you could possibly include into your long-term portfolio for 2021, but won’t be a short-term transition.

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