How To Make More Money Selling Beauty Products and Cosmetics

beauty careWith the upcoming boom of fitness and wellness, weight loss supplementation and beauty products are also on the rise. We are starting to see more and more beauty product companies launch and develop as time goes on. If you have pursued the path toward promoting or selling this line of self-care products, let’s explore what courses of action you can take to increase your business revenue and personal income.


YouTube Demonstration Videos

Publishing demonstration videos is a very effective tool when it comes to providing instructional tips and guides at a personal level for your audience. YouTube provides such a huge platform to reach a greater audience. As your subscriber count and viewing time increases, you could also monetize your videos and acquire revenue through this platform.

Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Snapchat Often

Taking the time to connect with your social media following is very vital when providing value to your audience and maintaining a clientele base you have already acquired.

Testimonials on Social Media

Posting transformation, testimonials, and reviews on your social media pages displays the results of your products. Testimonials from individuals other than just sales reps increases the value of the product to the customer. People wants to see how something will benefit them but also how it HAS ALREADY benefited someone else. This means showing before/afters, video testimonials or reviews, and group discussions about product outcomes.

Private Facebook Group Access

Creating a private group on a social media platform like facebook allows you, the beauty company rep, to connect directly with an audience that is already engaged and interested in your sales pitch. Grow, develop, and utilize these groups to build your fan base.

Ask Current Clientele For Referrals

Not enough people go to current clientele to ask for referrals. You could even provide discounts, free gifts, or exclusive content to those that provide a certain amount of referrals in a given time frame.

Affiliate & Cross-Market To Create Referral Funnel

Cross-marketing and strong affiliations can construct very efficient referral funnels. These “funnels” bring in the audience of another company or individual toward your business. Typically, a business can survive or burn based on how efficient their referral funnels are build.

Here is a brief list of professions that you can affiliate with:

Personal Trainers


Nail Salon

Tanning Shop

Boutiques or Studio

Jewelry Store

Supplement Store

Gym or Club


Host Beauty Workshop or Lecture in Local Setting

Organize and carry out a small workshop with local residents at a shop, library, home, or meeting office and display your products. Provide hands on demos and utilize that setting to take before and after pictures with the individuals that attend.

Promote Event alongside Affiliate

Someone in your community might want to launch an event. Time for some publicity! Offer to run the event together. Offer to share the expenses or provide specific responsibilities you would provide for the event. Use this opportunity to meet new potential customers, network with other businesses, provide your presence within the community, and grow the awareness of your products.

Offer Giveaways, Gift Bags, or Trials

Most potential customers would love to try before they buy. It’s just how things work 90% of the time. Use special promotions to launch giveaways with your social media, gift bags at local events, or 7-day trial kits.

Gather Contact Info for Newsletter

What better way to reach out to your potential customers than a weekly newsletter with product updates, promotion notifications, and testimonials! Utilize contact info to send newsletters to a niche or targeted audience.

Offer Discounts/Specials to Businesses or Special Interest Groups

Target specific groups with special discounts. This increases the chances of a purchase and provides the concept that you value their group or organization. You could also utilize this group for referrals and events.

Sell Beauty Educational Programs

Creating educational programs, such as a 7 day hair revive program, where you explain in detail how you utilize your products, timing of application, other nutritional guidance that can increase the results of the products, or anything that builds the value of the program. Construct a downloadable pdf, document, or video. This grows your business service chart where you have more items to offer than just the products. It may not be your number 1 seller, or it might be. But at the end of the day, even if just one individual purchased the program per month, that is a customer you wouldn’t have without the program. And the best part, you only have to create the program once and it becomes residual income.

Brand Your Name for Merchandise Purposes

Last but not least, you might want to brand your name or content. Providing a more personal umbrella, versus the beauty product company name, can bring a whole new symbol for your content. This also opens the door for merchandise.



This article explored different concepts of growing and developing your beauty product company and increasing your generated sales. If you have tried these tactics, please share your experiences. If you have not tried them, feel free to comment your thoughts or questions!

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