Top 3 Ways on Marketing Your Bootcamp Fitness Class

Top 3 Ways on Marketing Your Bootcamp Fitness Class!

It’s getting close to launching your summer shred program or maybe it’s just about that time to host your next go around of bootcamp classes, but you want to improve the business structure any way possible. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Below I discuss a few tips in which could drastically increase the amount of participation you experience at your camps.

runners-635906_960_7201. Referral Is King!

Include the family

As your bootcamp begins to develop, remember that each individual that participates also has a family that witnesses their improvements and journey. Why not encourage the individual to include their family in the healthy lifestyle choices? This creates a sense of referral, while helping your clients also develop strong mental and emotional health through family bonding.

Affiliate with local businesses

One highly under utilized tactic that most fitness professionals forget is reaching out to location businesses to help cross market. Use this opportunity as a “you scratch my back and I scratch yours” situation. This could mean adding some of their marketing material to your gift bags or simply referring them over to their company when that particular service is desired.

Bring a buddy

What better way to encourage accountability and referral at the SAME TIME! One session in the near future, recommend that everyone bring a buddy to your next bootcamp session. Say it is completely free for the buddy to try to camp out, only as a promotional day. This just doubled your camp participation size. You are welcome.

asparagus-2169305_960_720.jpg2. Everyone Loves FREE SHIT.

Exclusive apparel or gear

With results being a huge part of why people show up, sometimes individuals need more of a materialistic approach to awards. Impliment exclusive gear or apparel that can be earned, whether it is your company name brand or a company you are affiliated with. Set camp goals, attendance standards, or other forms of milestones or markers that deem a member eligible for a free item.

Trial session or week

Above I mentioned including a free session for a buddy if they attended the promotional event. Another tip or trick, depending on how you time everything, is implementing free trial sessions to new sign-ups or (depending on duration/history of camps) can add in a free week. Free trials allow you to draw people in, build value, then close the sale. (Hmmm, sounds like I should write an article discussing how to close bootcamp or PT sales… Comment or contact me with your thoughts.)

Additional meal plans, facebook group access, etc

Sometimes we have to provide more value than what we initially sell a bootcamp session for. This means, sacrificing some time, and maybe even a bit of budget, to offer the client some extra materials or education which will assist their journey. Some examples include creating a facebook group in which providing a platform for all members to collaborate and share tips or tricks, adding in approved meal plans into your client’s start-up packet or electronic pdf via email, and maybe an extra 7 days workout routine that can be paired with the bootcamp sessions.

tree-200795_960_7203. Boost Marketing Tactics

Post on social media and tag EVERYONE

What better way to spread the word of your success than to tell everyones friends indirectly. By posting pictures, such as a group selfies one day out of the week at camps, you show off that people are enjoying your camp and getting results. By tagging friends, it markets the joy your clients have for your service to their friends, and doesn’t even come across as a marketing tactic.

Focus on niche marketing

Face it, if we could, we would LOVE to have basically everyone and anyone at our bootcamp sessions. Truth is, when we start marketing our camp, we have to realize who we are trying to attract. Understanding your audience is key, then the next step will be trying to match marketing campaigns with audience outreach.

Provide value & informative content

There isn’t a single person out there that loves to hear a salesman harass them with a sales pitch. Social media is the exact same way. Stop trying to hard sell a service, and just educate your clients on results they are missing out on, areas they could improve, issues they should become aware of, or even introduce informative articles or demonstrative videos. Start adding quality value behind your name, and the sales will come in time.

Be a problem solver

This should technically be paired with the section above (Providing value) but just wanted to separate it to be clear. It is easy to point out that something looks or feels wrong. Shoot guys… anyone can look at bad form of a squat and say, “That looks pretty dang awkward and weird to me,” but not many people know 1. what is wrong 2. what is causing the issue 3. how to fix the problem. Everyone now a days wants to point out the obvious, and maybe not so obvious, but it’s pointless if you don’t understand the reasoning behind the problem. Start addressing issues and providing solutions, and this will skyrocket your value.

Whether it is your very first bootcamp or you have been hosting them for years, we all have areas of business development that we could improve on. Please share some of your experiences with us here at PT Mastermind Academy via comments or even contact us directly with questions HERE.

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